Morecambe Bay Oysters


Water is pumped from wells in the sandy ground that means it is ready filtered, it is then pasteurised and used to grow marine algae for the hatchery and micro nursery.
We grow Chaetoceros, Isochrysis, Pavlova, Skeletonema & Tetraselmis using 2 continuous flow algal production units of which one is a vertical bag system in a greenhouse and the other is an outside lay-flat systems.

We produce algae continuously at a rate of 10-20 l/m at a cell density of around 3 million cells / ml depending on species grown and time of year etc.

Most of this algae is used in the hatchery/larvae/micro nursery stages where we heat & recover around 5m3/hr of pond water and grow the newly set spat until they will sit on a sieved 0.8mm mesh.